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Successful Blogging: 17 Chrome Extensions for Bloggers [ You Must Use!]

Blogging is tough.  

Blogging is time-consuming.

 Blogging is demanding. 

Any experienced blogger can agree with me. However, new bloggers will dispute this fact. One can easily underestimate the energy and enthusiasm needed to run a blog.   

Blogging is tough because it entails several tasks. To be successful, you need to carry out keyword research, content research, create content, edit,  publish and promote content, and build backlinks.

And because most bloggers use computers, it’s better to simplify the work with browser tools.  The browser extensions automate the process and save time and energy by repeating the procedure several times.

This article will list some of the tools to make the blogging journey easier and less tedious.  Here are the best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Chrome extensions for bloggers


First on my list of the best chrome extensions for bloggers is Grammarly. This freemium tool helps writers, bloggers, and authors write more clearly and effectively online.

chrome extensions for bloggers

For bloggers and content creators, it’s a must-have Chrome extension!

This program evaluates every part of your writing for you, including grammar, spelling, and other common errors.

You get grammar mistakes, ideas, and corrections in real-time as you write with the Grammarly extension. It’s a full-featured grammar and spell checker that works with practically everything you write on the internet.

If you have trouble coming up with fresh terms and make a lot of typos, I recommend paying for Grammarly premium.

Mozbar chrome extension 

Mozbar addon is among the best chrome extensions for bloggers. It’s an all-in-one SEO toolbar that provides quick results of any page or SERP results.

chrome extensions for bloggers

The chrome extension can analyze any page’s or site’s page authority and domain authority. It also provides the backlink profile, highlights keywords on a page, among others. 

 You can also get keyword difficulty, page optimization suggestions, SERP analysis, and more with a paid plan.  You can also export your data as a CSV file.


Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool developed by SEO, and marketing expert, Neil Patel. The chrome extension can help you come up with keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy and production.

chrome extensions for bloggers

If you’re thinking of reverse engineering your competitor’s strategies, then ubersuggest extension can help you achieve your dream. It will provide details such as;

  • The domain name’s SEO
  • Keyword rankings
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing strategy.

Furthermore, it also provides you with keyword and content analysis. The ubersuggest chrome addon also displays analytics such as any domain analysis, organic traffic overview, top sites, top keyword, and so on.

Seo quake

Next on our list of best chrome extensions for bloggers is SEOquake. This is a chrome extension by the popular marketing company SEMrush. It’s a full SEO toolset for your browser.

The SEOquake extension can help you check the SEO stats of any web page with one click. It shows domain analytics like SEMrush Ranking data, Alexa Rank, Google Index, and Facebook likes, among other things.

It’s an excellent chrome addon to analyze competitors. Furthermore, SEOquake also provides other important tools to conduct SEO audits, keyword density reports, internal/external link analyses, real-time domain comparisons, and social analytics, in addition to SEO statistics.

Similar web

Another tool that can be used to learn about your competitor. SimilarWeb Chrome extension is an analytic tool that calculates the overall amount of traffic a website receives. It provides you with the competitor’s strategies, traffic sources, digital performance among others.

With a single click, the extension provides you with in-depth analytics of your competitor’s;

  •  traffic sources
  • monthly visits graph
  • bounce rate
  • referral sources
  • Site global ranking
  • Users average time

Pinterest save button

Do you love marketing through Pinterest? Pinterest save button has made it easier to collect and save inspiring ideas. This free Chrome extension allows you to save time and effort when browsing Pinterest.

With this chrome plugin, you can save and categorize images from the web to your Pinterest boards and then access them later. To save a picture, simply hover over it and click the Pin symbol.


When browsing, sometimes you find a nice color that you can use and make your website attractive or graphics stand out. The Colorzilla Chrome extension allows you to easily pick a color from anywhere in the browser, change it, and paste it into another program like Photoshop.

The chrome addon has some amazing tools such as a color picker, gradient generator, and eyedropper. It also provides photoshop features such as CSS Gradient Generator, Palette Viewer, and Auto Copy Selected Colors, Eyedropper, and Advanced Color Picker.


Nobody loves long URLs because they look spammy. An amazing way to have people click your shared links is by shortening them.

The Bitly Chrome extension creates short, personalized, and recognizable links from any page. You can distribute these short links everywhere to increase traffic to your website.

Bloggers who frequently publish their work on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will find it highly useful in avoiding being reported.

Easy blog commenting

Do you love reading blogs? Sometimes you read good content and want to leave a comment, but putting your details is difficult. 

The easy blog commenting chrome extension makes it simple to leave comments on other websites for link building or networking. Easy Blog Commenting speeds up the process of writing comments and saves you a lot of time.

With this chrome add-on, you can effortlessly create several profiles. While writing a remark, it automatically fills in the name, email, and website URL fields in the WordPress blog comment area.


Blogger outreach is an essential part of online marketing. It involves sending a lot of emails, mostly cold emails, to build lasting relationships. However, the popular email applications do not tell if an email was read or opened by a recipient.

Installing the mail track chrome extensions for bloggers can help solve this. It’s a Gmail email tracking tool that adds checkmarks to your message.  It helps you see if an email was received, read, opened, and how many times it was opened.

Word counter Plus

Do you want to know the word count of a web page without leaving the site? Word Counter Plus is a useful Chrome plugin that shows how many words and characters are in a given text.

It is very easy to use.

Highlight the text, and right-click to choose Word Counter Plus from the menu. It displays the number of words, characters, and the average and longest word lengths of the text you’ve chosen.

Check my links

Check my Link is a free Chrome extension that crawls your website and looks for broken links. This plugin was designed with web developers, content writers, and link builders in mind. 

This is a perfect chrome extension for bloggers. It can help you build backlinks as well as with your content marketing methods. With a single click, it will display all broken and redirected links. As a blogger, you can’t ask for more.

Evernote web clipper

Another must-have chrome extension for bloggers. The Evernote web clipper helps when researching. It allows you to highlight a section of a text or an entire page, then saves it for later use. It is an excellent tool to have since you can access the saved content from any device.

One tab

As a blogger, opening many tabs on your chrome browser when browsing is inevitable. However, having so many tabs open on your browser slows it down. Furthermore, it’s more cluttered and hectic to use. 

Worry not.

From the chrome web store, you can download the One tab chrome extension. OneTab will make your life much easier by combining all of your open tabs into one, where you’ll see a list of URLs for all of the websites you’ve visited.

You can access any URL from the group. Also, you can share the URL list with anyone.


Are you interested in knowing how many social shares a post or video has?

The Buzzsumo chrome extension, which is free, allows you to view the social media counts and social media engagement of any webpage you visit.

Furthermore, it allows you to share on Twitter and check the number of backlinks on the web page. The Buzzsumo chrome addon allows you to check the most shared material on the website, top content, and share content on social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Go full page

Do you love sharing blog posts as a photo?  The go full-page chrome extension is a screen capture tool. With a single click, you can screenshot a full web page. It does not require any additional permissions and is free of intrusive advertisements.

You can export your capture result as PNG, JPEG, different PDF papers, or simply drag it to your desktop with this addon. I’ve been using this addon for over two years, and it’s fantastic.

Wp hive

Next On our list of best chrome extensions for bloggers is WP  hive. This is a WordPress plugin for bloggers. It can help you decide which is the best plugin to install on your website.

It runs a series of tests on the plugin and provides information such as PHP problems, memory use, and WordPress version compatibility.  You can also use this chrome extension to compare WordPress plugins.



One of the things bloggers fight every day. Not because they are lazy, but due to distractions. The distractions range from web notifications, email, social networking sites, or entertainment sites. 

If you’re working on a tight deadline, time management is important. You need to focus on the project solely. The stayfocusd chrome extension is the right tool to keep you focused. It works by restricting social media sites. You can also choose which websites to block and for how long.

One advantage of using the stayfocusd extension is you won’t be able to unblock the website until the specified time has elapsed. This means you’ll only focus on what matters.


Content sharing on social media platforms has become an essential part of any blogging. The buffer chrome extension helps you manage your social media platforms. 

Using buffer, you can schedule posts on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also monitor their results as well as interact with your followers. This tool has made it easier to share content.

Awesome screenshot

Blog posts need images and videos, especially how-to guides and tutorials. If you need an indispensable chrome extension for taking professional screenshots for your blog, then awesome screenshot is among the best.

It’s simple to use, and it lets you snap screenshots of the entire screen, a scrolling window, or a visible portion of the screen with just one click.

You can also use it to capture your browser’s screen. However, the video is only 5 minutes long.

You can edit the screenshots in the browser once you’ve taken them. Crop, draw, add shapes, add text, highlight the area, blur out important information, and other editing capabilities are available.

You can save these screenshots to your local storage or the cloud once you’re done.


Do you find advertisements irritating?  Whether you’re researching for a blog post or just reading a post, pop-ups can be disgusting.

If you need to get rid of unwanted ads, the Adblock chrome extension is among the best. It allows you to browse in a safe, secure, and ad-free environment. It blocks all popups, video advertising, and other intrusive commercial banners.

With this extension, you don’t need to subscribe to youtube premium. You can watch youtube videos without being bothered by commercials. Furthermore, your web pages will load faster.

To get this extension for bloggers, head over to the chrome web store and search for ad-block. Install it, and it will start blocking ads immediately. 

Save to pocket

Sometimes when researching for a new blog post, I find myself with so many tabs open. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of information available. I also spend a lot of time reading and reading yet not progressing with my projects.

I guess we share the same problem, right?

I found an amazing chrome extension to help me track my time and information. It’s called Save to pocket.  It enables me to save articles, photographs, social media posts, videos, and anything I feel I should read later.

It’s also a time-saving app. It syncs your content across all devices automatically and can be accessed from any device.


Bloggers have goals; daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly goals. One of the best ways of achieving your goals is to be organized. That means you have a to-do list.

Having a clear and prioritized to-do list can make your life a lot easier, not to mention the fact that you’ll be less likely to forget something if it appears every time you open a new tab.

The Wunderlist chrome extension helps you become organized. It combines efficiency and accessibility into one package. 

To achieve more, head to the chrome web store and install this extension. It can sync with all devices; hence you can access it anytime you need to complete a task.


Bloggers have a lot of passwords to remember. For example, you have your favorite keyword tools, subscription courses, or productivity programs. All these come with passwords.

If you have trouble with remembering your passwords,  the LastPass Chrome extension is a must-have. It’s a free password manager that lets you save and manage all of your passwords in one place, making it simple to log into your accounts.

You can also save your address, credit card details, and other information to make checkouts go faster. It has a high level of security. Your LastPass Vault is inaccessible even to the LastPass team.

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