Monetizing Blog RSS Feeds to Increase Blog Income +[11Ad websites to choose from]

Every blogger or content creator is always looking for new ways to generate more money from his website. Monetizing blog RSS feeds is a long-term strategy you can try.

So, what is RSS?  RSS stands for really simple syndication. RSS is an easier way to track your favorite websites content than bookmarking because it delivers the content right into your inbox.

If used effectively, you can turn your existing content in to a many making machine.  This article provides more information on how to monetize your blogs RSS feeds plus show you the various advertisement programs available for monetizing your RSS feeds.

Let’s begin.

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Why is RSS feeds different from other methods?

RSS feeds are different from other sources of traffic like SEO and paid traffic.  How?  In RSS feeds, every content viewer is a fan of your content.

To receive RSS feeds from a blog,  one has to have deliberately subscribed to receive content. This means two things:  you have won them over and they value your content. 

On the contrary, be careful about losing them.

RSS feed subscribers are the most valuable customers hence don’t overmarket to them or you will lose to them.

 How do you ensure you don’t lose them?

The only thing you need to focus on is creating unique and engaging content to keep your RSS feeds subscribers wanting more. The type of content that easily goes viral. 

This is because they subscribed because they wanted to read your content regularly hence don’t disappoint them.

If you create poor quality content, then your subscribers will easily leave because all it takes is the click of a button.

Create unique, original and engaging content before thinking of monetizing your RSS feeds.

How to monetize your RSS feeds

Now that you have already created quality content, how do you monetize it using RSS feeds?

Sell your own product

This is the best way to sell and promote your brand.  Reason, RSS feed subscribers are your fans and believe in your content thus they can easily buy or share to potential customers.

Sell affiliate products.

If you can easily convince people to buy other people’s products, them you can use your RSS feeds to earn more money. Make sure you sell and promote what you believe in. otherwise, you will lose potential customers.

Include ads in the feeds

This is one of the best innovative ways to monetize your content.  RSS feeds subscribers will be seeing ads and in return you earn some extra money.

11 websites that help monetize RSS feeds

Monetizing blog RSS feed

Owned by Google, FeedBurner is a web feed management tool used widely by bloggers to monetize their RSS feeds. The best part is ads are clearly labeled.  Feedburner payment methods are through cheque, electronic fund transfer, and western union. You need to have at least $100 in order to receive payment.

Feedvertising allows bloggers to use their technology for free to run text link ads in RSS feeds.  These can either be affiliate links or any ads.  It’s mostly used by bloggers using the WordPress blogging platform.  Feedvertising pays through payoneer, cheque, PayPal or  TLA vouchers. For those using prepaid MasterCard, the minimum payout is $25.

  • Pheedo

Pheedo provides profit driven advertising for publishers and advertisers.  Through its platform, you can monetize all sorts of content including videos.  Its pricing is CPM based with the lowest being $5 depending on your targeting criteria.  Pheedo pays through PayPal and the minimum payout is $50.

  • Ka noodle

Ka noodle allows publishers to place ads and sponsored links directly from their blog into the feeds.  They also provide an option of adding ads with personalized messages.  Their network is based on the PPC system hence you can generate considerable revenue from your blog.

  • Adgenta

Adgenta provides an easy way to boost the revenue of your website or blog.  approval is also easy since no minimum traffic is needed for your blog.  advent allows you select specific keywords for your ads you are placing in your RSS feeds. The publisher has total control over what ads their subscribers see based on their personal preferences.

Minimum payout IA $20 and paid through PayPal

Feedshow Is a web based RSS feed reader.  It gives 50% of revenues generated from targeted ads to publishers.  Publishes are remunerated through google AdSense. This is one of the best ways to monetize your RSS feeds

  • Feedm8:

Feedm8 is best for bloggers aiming for optimized ads. They also promote your sites.  You monetize and mobilize your websites RSS feeds with ease.

  • Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a well known for PPC advertising.  It has ads specifically for feeds hence you can use it to monetize your RSS feeds. Pays through cheque or paypal. The minimum payout is $10

  • ThankYouPages

 Thankyoupages uses your content to determine the most suitable ads to share with your RSS feed subscribers.  the revenues are greater since the response rates are higher than traditional online ads.

  • Yahoo Publisher Network

Yahoo publisher network allows bloggers to include ads in their RSS feeds.  The revenue generated through qualified clicks is shared with the publisher.  All you have to response is embed a code served by yahoo ads into your publishing system.

  • MediaFed

Mediafed network matches premium advertising with premium content to increase revenue for both the advertiser and the publisher. Mediafed has a system to monitor four feeds and alert both the advertiser and publisher in case of problems.

Final thoughts on monetizing blog RSS feeds

Monetizing your blog RSS feed is a great way to increase your blog income.  Ensure that you create unique content capable of going viral and then choose the best way to monetize your RSS feeds. Finally, choose one of the 11 websites according to your preferences.

  I hope this helps you in making more money from your blog. don’t forget to leave a comment and share it with your community.

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