23 Blogging Tricks That Will Help Your New Blog Grow Quickly

Are you a new blogger looking for blogging tricks?

After reading hundreds of blogs, I’ve learned what the best bloggers do and don’t do with their websites, which allows them to grow quickly and maintain their dominant ranking in Search engines.

This blog post will help you realize what steps you should take as a new blogger to quickly grow and develop your blog even during the early stages of your blogging journey.

These are my personal opinions, and I do not intend to present them as Blogging Rules. These are simply meant to point you in the right direction when it comes to blogging.

What are the top blogging tricks that you should always keep in mind when writing a blog post?

Blogging trick 1: Create an enticing headline.

The headline is the first impression you will make on a visitor to your website.

As a result, your headline should be clickable, with catchy words, and something that readers can’t help but click on. there are a number of free tools you can use to analyze your blog post headlines. below is a list of the most popular ones.

  • Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer- Will help you come up with clear, skimmable headlines as well as provide an SEO score for your headline.
  • Sharethrough headlines– Will provide you with engagement and impression scores. A detailed analysis of the shareability of your post will be provided.
  • Advanced marketing institute– the headline analyzer will provide the emotional marketing value of your headline.

Blogging trick 2: Use Alot of visuals

Visuals such as images, infographics, pictures, diagrams, charts, online videos, screenshots, and memes should be included in your content to increase the number of likes and shares.

You can find either use custom images or free images from sites like unsplash, pexels and pixabay. the best sites to create custom images are canva.com and picmonkey.com.

The easiest to use is canva because it has millions of templates suited for everything- from infographics to videos and presentations.

Blogging trick 3: Use a conversational tone

A blog post is not an academic article. Write it as if you are speaking to someone one-on-one. Your tone should be friendly and conversational.

An excellent website to learn how to write blog posts in a conversational tone is enchanting marketing. the way Henneke writes her blog posts is awesome.

Blogging trick 4: Include Illustrations

Try to use as many illustrations as possible. This will help your readers understand what you’re trying to deliver on your blog more clearly. You can use screenshots or gifs if you are writing how-to blog posts.

Blogging trick 5:Layout your blog post

A well-structured and formatted blog post usually receives a high readability rating. Your readers should not abandon your blog after reading it. As a result, you should maintain adequate spacing between the text, lines, and paragraphs while maintaining proper formatting.

Blogging trick 6: Make use of short sentence

Instead of the textbook style of lengthy sentences like large paragraphs, short sentences allow your readers to read and understand your post more easily.

Blogging trick 7: Make use of subheadings

The majority of readers only skim through the blog, so they only read the bullet points. Subheadings divide your blog into small chunks that are easy to skim and read quickly.

Blogging trick 8: Focus on the main point

If you want your readers to stay on your blog, provide them with the exact, to-the-point content that they came to your blog for.

Blogging trick 9: Recognize the search intent

This is one of the most crucial aspects of blogging. If a user searches for how to take the best selfie and your blog post discusses how to buy the best mobile phone for a selfie, Google will not display your page in the top ten results.

Blogging trick 10: Concentrate on the solutions you can offer

Solving the problem by offering the best solution that no one is talking about will improve your reader’s overall experience and provide a good reason for your blog to grow quickly.

Blogging trick 11: Create interesting content

Create content that inspires your readers to take action, such as social sharing, downloading, or checking out your other popular posts.

Blogging trick 12: maintain a consistent blogging schedule

This is due to two factors: first, your readers develop trust in you as you continue to provide different blog contents that assist them in resolving their problems.
Google is also aware of your blog scheduling, which can help your articles rank quickly by putting them in front of the targeted people.

Blogging trick 13: Site with simple navigation

When a reader visits your blog, they should not be perplexed by the navigation or have difficulty searching for specific content on your site. So make your site’s navigation simple.

Blogging trick 14: Neat website with a good design

Keep your blog simple and clean at first until you have enough success to invest in high-cost design.

Blogging trick 15: Edit and proofread your posts

Before you hit the publish button, read your blog post aloud twice. There will undoubtedly be numerous changes that will improve your articles each time you publish them.

Blogging trick 16: Develop a buyer persona

To build connections with your intended audience’s desires, you should first understand their dreams, fears, aspirations, pain points, and expectations so that you can come up with a better solution that provokes their emotional experiences in your article.

You can use Hubspot’s persona generator to create your ideal audience.

Blogging trick 17: Discover your distinct point of view

Write something that is distinct from all of your competitors. This is only possible if you are intimately familiar with your competitors and the market. This will assist you in presenting yourself in a new and improved manner.

Blogging trick 18: Prepare a hit series of articles to publish about

This is a simple yet effective method that many leading bloggers use. This will save you a lot of time if you’ve already discovered the most trending stories in your niche, and it will allow you to create even more popular posts quickly.

Blogging trick 19: use the proper font size

If you’ve ever visited one of the top blogging sites such as medium.com, you’ve probably noticed how easy it is to read their blogs. They pay close attention to font size. I’ve noticed that the majority of them use font sizes ranging from 15px to 18px.

Blogging trick 20: Social evidences

Incorporate some social proofs into your blog. If possible, testimonials about your experience with what you are blogging about, as well as what others are saying about your work.

Blogging trick 21: Content that is evergreen

Generate a lot of evergreen content that will keep your blog in front of your target audience for generations to follow. “How to” articles are the most highly regarded evergreen content.

Blogging trick 22: Offer extras

Delight your readers by over-delivering Make a habit of providing extra tips, bonus tips to your readers to make them feel especially delighted.

Blogging trick 23: make creating valuable content your main priority

Blogging is all about providing value to your audience, which will aid in the development of trust and long-term success.

Final thoughts

If applied consistently, the above tricks can help you grow your blog easily.

let me know which tricks you use on your blog in the comment section and dont forget to share with your friends and community.

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