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Scalenut Review (2022): SEO Research and AI Copywriting Tool

For any business owner, it’s an uphill task to find a simple and flexible method to create content that meets your business objectives.

You need to find professional content creators to help you outdo your competitors. However, you can use AI software to boost your efforts.

One such tool is Scalenut.

What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is an AI-powered writing and research tool for high-ranking short and long-form writing.


It combines both AI and NLP to create high-quality content seamlessly. It helps you improve the readability and efficiency of your work.

It’s a one-stop-shop for content creators and agencies. 

Scalenut is excellent for creating long-form SEO content.

It reduces the time and effort needed to do such tasks. It’s done what other ai writing assistants cannot do: combine keyword reports with an inbuilt editor to optimize content for search engines.

Scalenut Overview

AI Copywriter

Use AI to complete the task for you. Select from various useful templates – product descriptions, review videos, review responses, etc. Let AI take over the point you left off, or ask AI to write precisely what you want while controlling the flow.


Get a thorough SEO report on your desired keyword.

A look at the top 30 most popular URLs and their word count and readability, content quality, and much more. Also, make an overview of NLP terms to incorporate to enhance the content’s comprehensiveness. 

Also, get a list of the most frequently asked questions you should be answering!

Make use of the AI editor and AI writer to create high-quality content and speed up the creation of long-form content.

Cruise Mode 

The Cruise Mode reduces your blog’s writing time to as low as 5 minutes.

Include the data you require, add keywords relevant to your needs, customize the flow, and let AI create the blog for you just as you would expect.

Team Behind Scalenut

Scalenut was founded in August 2020. The founding members include Gaurav Goyal, Mayank Jain, and Saurabh Wadhawan. The company’s headquarters are in Altadena, California.

The number of workers employed at the firm is currently listed as 67, according to the information on LinkedIn.

How Does Scalenut Work?

Create content faster and more effective

From brainstorming and writing content briefs to writing the content, Scalenut has made the process simple. You can generate a long-form blog post (2000words) in 5 minutes with the cruise mode.

Find winning ideas to scale your content creation. 

Generate tons of content ideas at the touch of a button using the AI copywriter. Plan for all your content, from blog posts, email headers, ad copies, social media posts, and any other content you can imagine. 

  • Social media posts
  • Meta descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Blog intros and conclusions
  • Change from passive to active and vice versa

Create content that ranks on Google

Optimize your content for search engines. Check every on-page SEO detail, from keywords and image density to h tags and semantic keywords. The SEO hub editor will help you create winning content with

  • Long-form AI copywriting
  • Real-time quality checks
  • Tons of royalty-free images

Collaborate with  great content creators

If you’re unable to create great content on your own, Scalenut can solve that. It has a team of experienced content creators to do the work for you.

Furthermore, their in-house editors will polish and deliver the content. It’s great if you’re looking for.

  • The top 2% of professionals
  • Quick turnaround time

Avoid guesswork- use clear insights to plan content

Eliminate the guesswork by using Scalenut to create content.

With your target keyword, you’ll get comprehensive SEO reports with practical insights on how to rank. From heading tags, readability, search intent, and blog post length, the SEO assistant helps you rank number one on google.

  • AI-powered reports
  • The top 30 results from the most recent research
  • Questions come from Quora and Reddit
  • H tags with keywords

Scalenut Features 

Scalenut has the following features

  • The Long Form AI writing tools
  • Short-form AI writing
  • Collaboration
  • Unlimited content creation
  • Free forever plan
  • 7-day free trial
  • Write and instruct

What content templates does Scalenut offer?

With any plan, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Scalenut offers over 40 content templates to choose from. Some of the most popular are:

  • Product Descriptions: Effective product descriptions can make your product more appealing to your ideal customers and increase sales.
  • Engaging Questions: You can ask your audience fascinating questions that increase engagement.
  • Create Blog Titles: Create stunning Blog titles to match the most important phrases you wish to be ranked for.
  • Meta Description: Write SEO-friendly meta descriptions to boost your participation.
  • Ecommerce Product Description: Powerful descriptions for your E-commerce item to attract your ideal customers and increase sales.
  • Introduction Paragraph: Use your blog to give it the perfect beginning to build an environment of engagement.
  • Effective Bullet Points: Simple and appealing Bullet Points to your websites, emails, etc.
  • Conclusion Paragraph: Provide your blog posts with a perfect conclusion to summarize the blog’s content.
  • Before After Bridge: Create an emotional connection with your viewers by writing an engaging Before-After Bridge copy.
  • Unique Value Proposition: Create a unique identity for your company by creating an engaging Unique Value Proposition copy.
  • Blog Ideas: Create impactful blog ideas for your business and upload them immediately onto Marketplace.
  • Social Media Posts: Original and creative Social Media Posts that are suitable for a variety of different social networks.
  • Google Ads Copy: High-converting Google Ad Copies that are original and creative.
  • Landing Page Hero Text: Impactful Hero Text for your Landing Page.
  • Facebook Headlines: Beautiful headlines for your Facebook Ads that work.
  • Reply to customer reviews: Respond to reviews from customers in a professional, catchy, and pleasant way.
  • Online Reviews Generator: Write powerful reviews for your favorite brands.
  • Google Descriptions: Highly converting copy to the Google Ad “Description” section.
  • Attention-Interest Desire Action: Engage your audience with innovative and professionally written AIDA copies.
  • Problem Agitate Solution: Persuade readers with an exceptionally written Problem-Agitate-Solution framework.
  • Google Headlines: High-converting copy in Your Google Ad “Headlines” section.
  • Answer a question: Get the most from your query by writing brilliant answers.
  • Facebook Primary Text: High-converting and stunning “Primary Texts” for your Facebook Ad copies.
  • Features to Benefits: Convert product features into attractive and concise benefits of the product.
  • Page Landing Page Subheader Text: Innovative and convincing “Subheaders” for your Landing Page.
  • LinkedIn Text Ads headlines: Professional copy to use in LinkedIn Text Ad Headline: Professional copy for LinkedIn Ad “Headline” section.
  • Linkedin Text Ads Description: A professional copywriting service for LinkedIn Text Ads’ “Description” section.
  • Eye-catching Email Subject Lines: Captivating Email Subject Lines entice recipients to open the Email.
  • Software for Sales Emails: Design compelling cold emails right away to increase your sales.
  • First-Person to Third-Person Converter: Convert your sentence from Third-person to First immediately.
  • Video Title: Make appealing YouTube Video Titles and make them viral!
  • Answer a question with Bullet Points: Concise answers to your questions using bullet points.
  • Video script Outline: Engaging Script Outlines for your videos.
  • Video Description: An engaging video description for your videos.
  • Video Hook and Introduction: An engaging introduction that will draw the attention of your viewers.
  • Google My Business  Description: Powerful Product Descriptions copies for your business on Google My Business.
  • Convert Active into Passive: Switch the tone you use in your speech from active to passive in a flash.
  • The Passive-to-Active Converter: allows you to change the tone you use in your speech from passive to Active in a flash.
  • Quora Answers: Provide engaging answers to your followers to boost your Quora presence.

Scalenut review: Pricing and Plans

scalenut review pricing

Free plan

If you want to try Scalenut, you can sign up for the free plan. You’ll be able to enjoy creating content for 7 days with no credit card.

You’ll be able to enjoy 40+ tools to create;

  • 2000 long-form content words
  • 2000 short-form content words
  • 2 SEO documents

Individual: $29/mo

The individual plan is ideal for creators and consultants and costs $29/month. However, you can save a lot by opting for the yearly plan, which costs $24/month. 

  • 1 user(s) per month
  • 15 Document credit
  • 25,000 Short form AI words
  • 10,000 Long-form AI words
  • Collaboration is a feature
  • Write using AI
  • 24/7 support
  • User Seat Coming Soon
  • 40+ Content Use Cases

Growth plan

The monthly cost is $79. It’s ideal for budding startups and growing businesses. However, you can save a lot by opting for the yearly plan, which costs $69/month. The plan comes with.

  • 1 user(s) per month
  • Unlimited AI words
  • 30 SEO Reports
  • Cruise mode
  • 30 Topic clusters to be announced shortly
  • Instruct
  • AI Settings
  • Paraphrasing
  • SERP
  • Collaboration
  • Buy additional Saas credits
  • Everything individually plus everything else

Pro plan

At a monthly cost of $149, the pro plan is ideal for large teams and agencies. However, you can save a lot by opting for the yearly plan, which costs $124/month. 

  • 2 user(s) per month
  • Everything that is Growing Plus
  • Unlimited SEO reports
  • 100 Topic clusters
  • An additional user at $49/user
  • A dedicated customer success manager

Scalenut Review: Pros

Scalenut provides various benefits to its users, which will allow the business to grow in the shortest time. Among them:

  • Responsive Team
  • 24/7 available Support System
  • Reliable and Secure
  • Efficient. Accessible and systematic to use
  • Good Quality Service
  • Affordable Price Plans

Scalenut review: cons

  • The steep learning curve to use the tools
  • AI writing can be repetitious
  • No way to publish created content on your website directly from the platform

Scalenut Chrome extension

Scalenut Chrome Extension is a powerful AI assistant that allows you to write powerfully in your browser. It will also help you create high-quality, original content in a flash.

Scalenut’s AI-powered assistant for writing generates excellent content across all applications.

The AI copywriter allows you to create social media posts, blogs, emails, and ad copy quickly and efficiently. The Chrome extension allows you to write, command, rephrase and simplify content.

Scalenut Review: Who Should Use Scalenut?

Content Strategists

Scalenut helps you plan and create content that improves your business outcomes. It provides you with advanced tools for content research and a team of experts to help you create content in any niche. 

Content Creators 

Whether you’re a freelance content writer or a blog owner, Scalenut can help you achieve your goals faster. You can create blog titles, introductions, product descriptions, social posts, and other types in seconds using the AI copywriter.

Furthermore, you won’t have to use additional tools to optimize your content. The SEO assistant will help you create content that meets the search intent, use the right keywords, check the readability, and suggest royalty-free images to use in your content.

Startup Founders 

Are you looking to increase your online presence?

Scalenut helps startup founders improve their online visibility by amplifying their brand voice while maintaining personal style. The generated content is aimed at your customers and meets your business goals.


Scalenut’s experienced content writers create well-researched, SEO-driven content that helps you meet your goals by showing thought leadership, creating organic traffic, and enthralling your readers.

Scalenut Review: Alternatives

While Scalenut is an AI copywriting tool and an SEO assistant, it’s challenging to find a similar tool that does not have to integrate other apps. Let’s look at some Scalenut alternatives.

Scalenut vs Jasper

Jasper (previously Jarvis) is the most popular ai content writing software. It’s simple to use when creating any content type (with over 40 templates). Using the asper boss mode, you’ll be able to create long-form blog posts. However, to optimize blog posts for search engines, you’ll need a SurferSEO account. 

Scalenut vs Rytr

Rytr is more of an ai writing tool than an assistant. It’s excellent for creating both short and long-form blog posts. It’s ideal for creating blog outlines, introductions, product descriptions, social media posts, etc. 

Scalenut vs Writerzen

Writerzen is an ai powered writing assistant that lets you create posts with preference to keywords and SEO. It’s a valuable tool for agencies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It also features a plagiarism checker, which is not available in Scalenut.

Scalenut vs Outranking

Another effective ai writing software to help you improve the content and write new content. It’s similar to Scalenut. Outranking also lets you create AI content and then optimize the content for the search engines.

Scalenut FAQS

Does Scalenut provide tutorials, guides, or customer support?

Yes. Scalenut has put together the following resources to assist users:

  • Blog
  • Onboarding Videos
  • Articles

How can I contact Scalenut?

You can reach Scalenut customer support through live chat, a phone call, or email.

What does Scalenut’s future look like?

Customers always worry about a new company shutting down if it becomes unsustainable. However, with Scalenut, there are no issues at the moment. They recently raised $400000 to help them grow the company. Since the funding, they’ve been able to develop the cruise mode and increase their customer base.

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