Is Copywriting Still In Demand? Reasons Why it’s Profitable

Is Copywriting Still In Demand?

Copywriting is an interesting field. It’s one that can be very in demand, but it also has the potential to make you money like nobody else!

The great thing about copywriting is that it can be applied to so many different areas. You could work for a company and write a website or product descriptions, or you could start your own business and write persuasive emails, landing pages, and more.

Let’s dive deep and find out what is copywriting, if it’s still in demand and profitable as well as if it’s under threat from artificial intelligence.

What is copywriting

Copywriting involves crafting persuasive text or a series of sentences for marketing and promotional purposes.

For example,

 You’ve developed or redesigned a product and you need people to know about it. You can use copywriting to increase awareness and persuade individuals to perform your desired action.  This can either be purchasing the product or service or registering as a lead for your company.

While education is important for any career, it rarely applies when it comes to copywriting. what matters is your ability to write copies on time, persuade others, and what your copy will generate for an organization.

Many copywriters have made millions of dollars without a degree in marketing, journalism, or the English language. It’s just a talent they’ve picked up by reading copywriting books and taking a few online copywriting courses.

If you want to, you can be a specialty copywriter in less than six months and start making at least $1000 dollars a month for a few hours of work. all it needs is a few dollars to invest in books, courses, and time and you’ll be off with the basics of copywriting.

According to indeed, persuasion is one of the most in-demand skills at the moment. As a copywriter, you can start an online business and expect big returns in the future.

You can target the most lucrative niches such as digital marketing and SEO copywriting, or become a freelance writer.

Now that you’ve learned what copywriting is, let’s move on to the primary topic of this article: is it in demand and profitable to learn?

Is copywriting still in demand.

 To answer this question, we need to know what copywriters do.

What exactly does a copywriter do?

Any excellent copywriter can address an audience’s needs and desires while selling products and services. 

They will create a buyer persona of your potential customer in order to gain an insight into their thoughts. This helps by gaining a thorough awareness of their wants and needs.

After that, your target audience can share your material on social media, increasing brand recognition. A copywriting company’s list of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Web text: Any text that appears on a website, from an “About Us” page to the homepage and blog posts.
  • Press releases: When a company wants to advertise a new product or service, the first step is to notify media outlets to generate buzz.
  • Content marketing: effective for increasing online visibility and establishing a company’s authority, for example, guest blogging.
  • Product descriptions (e-commerce): They must make a product sound desirable enough to entice customers to make a purchase.
  • Social media management: Social media can help a company raise brand awareness, but the content must be engaging and valuable.
  • Video scripts: effective for creating appealing adverts

Now that you know what a copywriter can do for any business, let’s answer the question.

 Is copywriting still in demand?

Yes. Copywriting is one of the few professions that has been, is, and will continue to be in demand and a good source of revenue for people.  

Whether it’s their products or affiliate products, every business cares about making sales at the end of the day.

Consider the following five statistics if you’re still not sure that copywriters are crucial and in demand.

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Top digital companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Nike use copywriters to write product descriptions and company messages intended for the audience.

 With copywriting, users can discover more about the product and hence are compelled to buy it. also, copywriters are able to drive recurring leads with each writing project

Copywriting is one of the few skills that can be learned because it is incredibly evergreen and in demand at all times. 

To emphasize further, I decided to check the number of copywriting gigs and jobs on Fiverr and Upwork.

is copywriting still in demand

On Fiverr, there are over 4500 gigs. The sellers charge as little as $5 a post to as high as $6000. The most common gigs include sales copywriting, email copywriting, Seo copywriting, and general copywriting.

is copywriting still in demand? is it profitable

On Upwork, there are over 18000 copywriting jobs posted. This shows there is no shortage of copywriting gigs.

This shows that without copywriters, no business, whether offline or online, can exist because they use words to help companies;

  • Earn more 
  • Create positive connections with their target audience
  • Develop trust

With that said, let move on and find out if copywriting is worth it.

Is copywriting profitable?

By the end of 2021, the total digital advertising spending in the united states will be over $103 billion, while in China, it’ll be over $190 billion. 

Are you still asking if copywriting is profitable?

Yes. Copywriting is profitable. With so much money being spent worldwide on ads, the need for copywriters has increased. 

So, if you need a skill that will never be outdated, but your earnings will increase even after retirement age, learn copywriting.

To understand more about what a copywriter can earn, I’ve already told you that Fiverr’s copywriter charges over $5000 for six months of work. It all depends on you. It’s one of the most in-demand and profitable skills you can learn to increase your earnings is copywriting. 

Let’s go into more detail about how much money you can make from copywriting and some figures. The average salary of a US-based copywriter according to;

  • Payscale is $53663 per year
  • Glassdoor is $58658 per year
  • And is $ 61169 per year

While the salary estimates are different, they convey that copywriting is profitable.

Let’s look at valuable data on copywriting from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for the year 2020.

  • A copywriter’s average annual compensation is $67120.
  • At an hourly rate, a copywriter’s average compensation is $32.27.
  • The top ten percent of copywriters earn more than $121,670 each year.
  • The top 10% of highest-paid copywriters earn an average of $58.50 per hour.
  • The top 10% of the lowest-paid copywriters earn nearly $31700 per year on average.
  • The top 10% of the lowest-paid copywriters earn more than $15.24 per hour on average.

All the above pay stats are merely estimates. 

Figure copywriters make millions of dollars every year by creating sales copy that drives massive income to clients through organic reach. For example, direct response copywriter Clayton Makepeace has been making over $3 million a year since 1997.

However, a copywriters salary and earnings depend on several things including;

  • The industry you work in
  • Where you work ( are you an inhouse copywriter, part-time or freelance, or work for an advertising agency)
  • Your work experience and qualifications

If you need more income from copywriting, becoming a freelance copywriter is the best bet. You can start offering services on Fiverr and Upwork, or else, you can start a blog and showcase your portfolio to potential clients.

In this business, your ability to persuade others determines your salary. The more sales you drive to a company, the more you earn.

Will AI replace copywriting.

One of the reasons I decided to write this blog post is due to an increasing number of artificial intelligence copywriters. Their impact and influence in creating different types of a copy can’t be ignored. 

An excellent example of ai copywriting is from Jarvis ai. I have heard a lot about it from bloggers and friends and decided to try their free 7-day trial plan. You can use it to generate 10000 words.

At Jarvis, you can try different templates to create any type of copy. Whether you love the AIDA framework or the PAS (pain agitation solution) framework, Jarvis allows you to create any copy.

Back to whether ai will replace copywriting. 

No. Not even in the near future. However, we can expect AI to automate copywriting tasks with ono value to marketing strategy such as;

  • Collecting data that copywriters can use
  • Analyzing data to find trends.

It no doubts artificial intelligence will replace a lot of jobs done manually. This is evidenced by the ever-increasing number of machine learning courses.

Copywriting involves more than simply writing text. Copywriting involves incorporating feelings and emotions in any text or advert, which AI can’t. Also, some things will never be replaced by machines, like human creativity and empathy.

Before writing copy for any marketing strategy, copywriters examine and analyze the interests and qualities of the target audience. Because every audience is different for each marketing plan, they need to impact them with their job.

That’s one reason why creating content for digital marketing campaigns is solely for human copywriters. Furthermore, AI machines are expensive for companies to hire, unlike human copywriters.

AI copywriters can’t help an organization connect with its audience and build trust since, at the end of the day, trust is more important than profit for any brand or individual.

Don’t let artificial intelligence (AI) scare you away from copywriting. AI is not a competitor; it’s an ally. It can help us in many ways with our writing and marketing efforts, for example, by providing the best times to send emails or Facebook ads based on customer engagement patterns.

Copywriting is still profitable.

In an age where artificial intelligence promises to do everything for us, copywriting remains a profitable skill. Though AI will likely play a role in the future of online marketing and content creation, it’s unlikely that it will fully replace human-created text anytime soon.

 So if you have a way with words or are looking for new ways to make money as a freelancer, think about how you can leverage your skills as a freelance copywriter—no matter what changes come down the pike!

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