how many posts should i have before i launch my blog

How Many Posts Should I Have Before I Launch my Blog?

As a newbie blogger, one of the challenges I encountered was how many posts I should have before I launched my blog. 

Although it may seem trivial, building your blog on a good foundation is important. It would be best if you determined how many articles to have on your site before it goes live. 

Out there, there are many suggestions on how many articles you should have before launching your blog. However, in reality, there is no specific number. Whether you launch your blog with zero, one, or fifty articles, it’s up to you.

However, as you need organic traffic to your blog as soon as possible, you’ll need to gain google’s trust as early as possible.

The goal is to make your best friend and content live as soon as possible.

In the past, new sites were almost immediately ranked for their target keywords. However, with the ever-changing google algorithms, it’s harder to rank a new site with little content.

So, generally, when you launch a blog, you should have at least 5 articles to keep your readers engaged. However, to get out of the google sandbox, you’ll need to keep publishing frequently. This process can take time. 

Let’s take a look at how to launch your blog like a pro.

Do You Need to Launch Your Blog Now?

Blogging pros recommend having at least 5-10 posts ready for publishing before you launch your blog. Although this might help keep your readers engaged, it rarely helps with organic traffic. 

Whatever route you opt to take, you can build your blog traffic with time. However, you can start by calculating how many blog posts you need to launch your blog. Here are some strategies to consider:

Simple blog launch

This strategy works great for personal blogs. If you’re just starting a blog as a hobby, you can consider this simple blog launch strategy. Here’s how to do it.

On the first day, create your first post. Make sure your website looks great by tweaking it to your desired design. After that, create your second post and promote it via social media.

 It’s important to have your posts related or on the same topic as it helps build topical authority.

Lastly, promote your blog as a whole and not the individual posts. You can promote it on forums, Facebook groups, or your preferred social media.

Intensive blog launch strategy

This strategy is great for an affiliate blog. During the prelaunch, let as many people know that you’re launching your blog soon. You can create a news release or advertise on social media. However, make sure you’ve created useful freebie resources as giveaways. You can collaborate with other bloggers to create a freebie bundle.

Here’s how to go about it.

Publish the first post, then after some time ( on the first day), publish more content. Next, promote these posts, followed by giveaways.

Next, if you’ve enough budget, run ad campaigns targeting your ideal buyer. You can promote the giveaways as much as possible. On the third day, publish another post and repeat the process. Keep doing this for a week, and your blog will gain a lot of traction. 

If you’re using the freebies to build an email list, you’ll have plenty of readers to keep you motivated to create high-quality content.

Super simple blog launch

This strategy works great for companies with already existing websites and who want to add a blog section. Here’s how you can launch your blog.

Start by publishing your first post. It should introduce your blog and give the readers a purpose to keep visiting your site for more content. 

Next, publish your second blog post. This should give your readers an idea of the content. It can either be a how-to guide, listicle, or case study. Keep this going for around 2 weeks to ensure you’ve at least 14 posts before launch. After that, you can change your post-publishing schedule.

If it’s a new blog, this approach gives your visitors something to look for and return to without being too overwhelmed. Also, it gives search engines more information to index your site. It also allows them to understand your content better. All this helps get out of the google sandbox.

Maintain a publishing schedule to grow traffic

You should start your blog with at least 15 blog posts to bring meaningful traffic. 

However, this is just the starting point. You must keep updating your blogs with new content to build a following and maintain good traffic. Studies show a good correlation between the number of posts and pageviews.

Your readers and Google will recognize you as a valuable online resource if you are willing to put in the effort and time required to create high-value blog content. This could reduce the time it takes for bloggers to get significant traffic. 

So, want to create high-quality content faster? Here are the best AI tools to help you scale your blog writing process.

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