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9 Best Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

Finding a good web hosting company in Kenya can take some time.

With numerous web hosting providers available to choose from, few can select the best for their needs.

In this article, we area going to look at the best web hosting companies in Kenya and list what they offer.

This will enable you to make informed decisions when choosing where to host your website or blog.

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best web hosting companies in kenya hostpinnacle

Host pinnacle is one of the fastest growing ICT solutions providers in East Africa. 

It specializes in selling domains, providing web hosting services and bulk SMS services. They have a 10000+ clients

What do they offer?

Domain registration

Hostpinnacle sells domains starting as low as ksh 99 per year. They boast over 500 domain extensions to choose from.

Bulk SMS

With a surge in SMS service of late, hostpinnacle provides cutting edge bulk SMS program to its customers.

The pricing starts at ksh 0.75 per SMS but goes down as the volume increases. Their reach is over 800 mobile phone networks and over 190 countries.


webhosting is hostpinnacle’s main service.

All hosting services come with a free domain, free site building tools, unlimited email accounts, unlimited monthly bandwidth, free site transfer, free SSL certificate as well as hosting unlimited websites.

They provide a wide range of hosting including;

  • shared hosting

Their plans are structured to cater for different categories; from beginners to developer and large organizations. Pricing starts at kshs 2000 per year.

  • Virtual server network(vps) hosting

The structure is similar to shared hosting. Pricing starts at kshs 3000 per month.

  • ECommerce hosting

The structure is similar to both shared hosting and vps hosting. The pricing starts at $2.95 per month.

  • Reseller hosting

This is for those aiming to make money through selling domains and hosting services. Pricing starts at kshs 3000 per month.

In addition, Hostpinnacle have an affiliate program where you can earn money by promoting them.

Kenya Web Experts

best web hosting providers in kenya kenya web experts

One of the oldest webhosting service providers in Kenya. They offer hosting services to people or organizations looking to host the websites with a reputable company.

What do they offer?

Domain registration

Kenya web experts provide over 1000+ domain extensions to choose from. Pricing starts at kshs 499.

SSL Certificates

Ssl certificates are important in securing information with your visitors. Pricing starts at kshs 1999 per year. However, you get a free ssl certificate if you host with them.

Website and Email hosting

Kenya web experts guarantee clients an uptime of 99.99%. all clients get free website migration, free ssl certificates, free backups, free malware scans as well as unlimited email accounts.

The various webhosting services include;

Shared hosting

Tiered to cater for starters and also big sites. The pricing starts a Kshs 2100 per year.

Unmanaged VPS hosting

Has a starter package to cater for beginners. pricing starts at Kshs 1700 per month.

Managed dedicated servers

Caters for those looking for security, fast loading speed as well as security.  Pricing starts at Kshs 15000 per month.

Cloud SSD hosting

Suitable for those who need multiple servers to enable website growth. Pricing starts at Kshs 27100 per year.

Windows ASP.NET hosting

Good for Microsoft windows servers and technologies enthusiasts. Pricing starts at Kshs 5100 per year.

Reseller hosting

For those looking to make money reselling hosting services, pricing starts at kshs 3499 per month.

Kenya web experts accepts payment through PayPal, credit cards, and Mpesa. They also have an affiliate program.

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Affiliates Tru

TrueHost Kenya is a subsidiary of TrueHost Cloud.  TrueHost has grown tremendously since its launch in 2016. This can be attributed to their award-winning cloud technology.

What do they offer?

Domain registration

Provides a wide list of domain extensions to choose from. Pricing starts at kshs 100 per year.

Bulk SMS

Offers bulk SMS service starting at kshs 0.75 per SMS

Website and Email hosting

Every new client enjoys unlimited bandwidth, free sl certificate, free daily backups, unlimited email accounts, free site builder, free mod security as well as free website migrations.

Truehost has the following hosting options;

Shared hosting

Tiered to suit all. Pricing starts at Ksh 1499 per year.

Dedicated servers

Suitable for large websites with clients all over the world. Pricing starts at Kshs 6000

Managed WordPress hosting (Litespeed VPS)

Suitable for clients with large WordPress websites. Pricing starts at ksh 699 per month.

VPS servers

Suitable for websites with increasing traffic. Pricing starts at kshs 399 per month

VPS servers in Kenya data center

Suitable for those targeting the Kenyan market. Pricing starts at ksh 499 per month.

In addition, Truehost Kenya sells SSL certificates at 500 per year. They also have an affiliate program.

Kenya Web Hosting

best web hosting companies in kenya

With over 20 years’ experience, Kenya web enjoys a large market share due to its age. It provides professional hosting targeting businesses and small and medium enterprises.

 What do they offer?

Domain registration

Starts at ksh 1740 per year


Kenyaweb guarantees its clients 99.8% uptime. All customers enjoy unlimited shared bandwidth, unlimited emails and 24-hour support.

Has 3 packages geared towards small and medium enterprises.

The cheapest package is priced at Ksh 4999.

Sasahost Web Hosting Company

best web hosting companies in kenya

What do they offer?

Domain registration

Domain registrations starts at ksh 1000 for .com extensions.


Every client gets a free SSL certificate, free back up, unlimited email accounts, unlimited sub domains, spam and virus protection as well as  free drag and drop site builder.has  sasahost provides the following options;

Shared Hosting (basic/ personal plans)

Ideal for begginers.  Pricing starts at 2500 per year.

Enterprise/Corporate hosting

This is boosted by dedicated server resources. Suitable for large organizations. Pricing starts at ksh 6500 per year.

Managed VPS

Pricing starts at 6500 per year.

Dedicated Hosting

Suitable for large companies with huge databases and resources. Pricing starts at Ksh 22,500 per month.

Reseller hosting

For those willing to make money, pricing starts at ksh 4000 per month.

NB:All Sasahost prices are exclusive of VAT.

Web4africa Hosting Company

best web hosting company in kenya

Web4AFRICA enjoys a large market across Africa due to its fast, reliable and affordable webhosting. It is among the webhosting providers in Kenya offering clients a choice to choose their data center locations.

What does Web4africa offer?

Domain registration

 starts at Ksh 1320 for a .com domain extension


Every client enjoys free domain name for one-year, free SSL certificate, site builder, weekly backups, unlimited email accounts, one click installs among others.

Hosting can either be;

Shared hosting

This is the suitable for beginners and companies aiming to grow their business slowly. Hosting prices start at Ksh 220 per month.

Virtual/Cloud server hosting

Useful for companies which require their websites to run smoothly.  Provides a range of data centers to choose. Their servers run on different operating systems. Pricing starts at 20 Euros.

WordPress hosting

WordPress enthusiasts have not been left behind. Web4africa offers WordPress hosting starting at Ksh 700 per month.

DeepAfrica Web Hosting Company

best hosting company in kenya

DeepAfrica is a leading online solutions provider in Kenya.  It focuses on communication and marketing.

It provides services to over 5000 clients, including educational institutions ang government corporations.

What do they offer?

Domain registration

Domain registration starts at ksh 862 per year.

Web design

Deep Africa provides web design. The cheapest is Ksh 45,600 which is a one time fee.


Provides webhosting to its all its clients. Every client enjoys a free domain, free website (no of pages depend on package) free ssl certificate, unlimited web space, unlimited email accounts, accounting app and much more.

Shared hosting

 Pricing starts at ksh 3364 per year.

Dedicated/ VPS hosting

Clients have an option to choose either VPS or dedicated hosting.  Pricing starts from Ksh 3770 per month.

DeepAfrica has an affiliate program for people who want to make money.

Webhost Kenya

best web hosting company in kenya

Webhost Kenya is a growing hosting company in Kenya. It focuses on providing premium web hosting to its clients.

What does it offer?

Domain registration

Domain registration starts at ksh 980 for a .co.ke


All clients enjoy free ssl certificates, 99.9% service uptime, weekly backups, unlimited emails and much more.

Shared webhosting

Webhost Kenya provides shared hosting to clients. Pricing starts at Kshs 2100 per year.

Linux cloud VPS Hosting

Suitable for clients who require dedicated resources such as storage space. Pricing starts at Ksh 1740 per month.

Webhost Kenya accepts payment through Mpesa, PayPal and credit cards. It also has an affiliate program.


I bet you are already familiar with Safaricom. This company is a leader in the telecommunication industry.  What else? It provides email and web hosting to individuals and companies.

What do they offer?

Domain registration

Pricing starts at ksh 999 per year for .com extensions.

Website hosting

Safaricom provides shared hosting to its clients. Each client enjoys a free backups and storage, easy to use control Panel, super speeds and guaranteed email security. Pricing starts at ksh 1500 per year.


Out of all the web hosting companies in Kenya, I have narrowed it down to best 9 picks for the best web hosts.

If you are inexperienced, start with Hostpinnacle, they will help you set up your website. Hostpinnacle also has exemplary customer support.

If you need a complicated web design, go for DeepAfrica, they will design it for you within a few days.

Kenya web experts and Truehost are excellent examples if you need WordPress managed hosting as well as if require extra security for your websites.

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