Chrome extensions for SEO

35 Powerful Chrome Extensions for SEO: to get More Rankings

Chrome extensions are quite helpful when it comes to getting things done quickly. With a single press of a button, you can execute a variety of tasks.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the top Chrome extensions for SEO that will assist you in conducting relevant analysis and making the process more efficient.

Many of these extensions have been used by me. As a result, these browser extensions will appear at the top of your Chrome browser, where you can simply click to do tasks.

Here’s a rundown of some of the greatest SEO Chrome extensions for managing your internet business. These SEO plugins will make checking SEO-related data a lot easier and faster.

Table of contents

  1. Seo quake
  2. Growth bar
  3. Woorank SEO chrome extension
  4. Ahrefs
  5. Buzzsumo 
  6. Mozbar 
  7. Similarweb
  8. Seo search simulator
  9. Serpstat
  10. Hunter
  11. Findthatlead
  12. Ninja outreach
  13. Lighthouse
  14. Nofollow
  15. Link grabber
  16. Redirect path
  17. Check my links
  18. Link miner
  19. Screaming frog
  21. Seo minion
  22. Seo meta in 1 click
  23. Spark content optimizer
  24. Mangools SEO chrome extension
  25. Google page insights
  26. Google page analytics
  27. Analytics UTM builder
  28. AMP validator
  29. Buzzstream
  30. Google trends
  31. Ubersuggest
  32. Keywords everywhere
  33. Keyword surfer
  34. Seo stack keyword tool
  35. Fatrank 

Best Chrome extensions for SEO

Best chrome extensions for competitor analysis.


Have you ever utilized the Semrush free trial?  If yes, I’m certain you found that it’s an awesome tool for keyword research, SEO metrics, and carrying out a full SEO assessment of any website.

To provide this data faster, Semrush has developed a free SEO chrome extension. It’s called SEOquake. The best part is, you don’t need to have an active Semrush membership to access all the data.

What can you accomplish with Semrush’s free chrome plugin?

  • Take a look at both external and internal links.
  • Get a quick SEO report for any website.
  • Get a detailed SERP analysis.
  • Real-time domain and URL comparison
  • Instantly determine the difficulty of a keyword.
  • Get a thorough and well-organized report on all keywords identified on any page.


One of the aspects of any business is to focus on the customer rather than the competitor. As we create our marketing campaigns, we need to focus on the searcher. However, we can’t ignore the competitors. We need to find out what makes them better.

The growth bar chrome extension helps you analyze your competitors. It gives you fast access to crucial SEO data points about any website and its growth channels and keywords that drive massive traffic and help win clients.

This Growthbar google chrome plugin provides you with the following;

  • Website’s best-performing keywords
  • Keyword ranking difficulty score
  • Domain authority
  • Backlink data
  • Page word count
  • Facebook ads

Simply type a search query into Google, and GrowthBar will offer you many to increase SEO insights and stats to improve your search rankings.

The Growthbar is a freemium tool. The free version allows you to view basic SEO indicators such as ranking difficulty score, domain authority, and organic traffic, but all other features are disabled.

To get more SEO data for any website, you’ll have to upgrade. The paid plan costs $29 a month. However, you can use the free five-day trial and ascertain if you’ll have to upgrade or stick with the free plan.

Woorank chrome extension

WooRank’s SEO Analysis & Website Review is a Chrome add-on that delivers a comprehensive SEO assessment for any given website.

When you click the WooRank extension icon, a right-click menu appears with an SEO analysis of the website that includes

  • Traffic estimates
  • Traffic rank
  • Google Ads traffic
  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • Headings
  • Text/HTML ratio
  • Internal and backlinks,
  • Anchor text and more.

Ahrefs chrome extension 

Another SEO toolbar you can use to analyze any competitor. It evaluates and generates keywords, links, and ranking profiles that improve your website’s SEO. by clicking on any SEO metric, Ahref’s chrome plugin will provide you with a detailed report.


When creating content, you need to create content that people are looking for. One way of knowing what people are looking for about a particular topic is by using Buzzsumo. This is a content marketing platform that helps you find the most popular material on any topic.

Buzzsumo’s Chrome plugin allows you to see how a piece of content is performing without having to leave your browser. The plugin shows the number of social shares on Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook engagements and the number of links, and the Evergreen score of the content.

Moz bar chrome extension

One of the best google chrome plugins to have is Mozbar. This chrome extension gives you fast SEO information about different websites on search engine result pages without having to leave your browser.

This addon displays a website’s domain authority and page authority in addition to numerous backlink metrics. The MozBar Chrome plugin is a must-have for all SEOs because it provides important statistics and numbers.


As seen, checking a competitor’s statistics and strategy is important in the success of your business. The SimilarWeb chrome add-on provides you with vital information such as web traffic with one click. 

This chrome extension is useful for web admins looking for new and successful techniques, as well as those who want to analyze different industry trends.

Seo search simulator Nightwatch

Are you interested in knowing how your website or competitor is ranking in a different country? If yes, then the free SEO search simulator chrome plugin is the right tool for you. It’s an SEO performance tracker that replicates Search engine results from any google location.


Just like the Mangools extension, the Serpstat SEO chrome addon tries to do everything. You can carry out competitor analysis, site audit backlink analysis, and keyword research. All you have to do now is install the plugin in your browser and start analyzing the site.

Serpstat also offers a free addon that allows for one-click website analysis. On-page SEO parameters, Page analysis, and Domain analysis are the three aspects of the plugin. There, you’ll get information about your domain’s visibility, traffic, top 10 keywords, meta tags, and more.

Registration is not required for some reports. Free users can make up to 100 queries per day and one request every 5 seconds with an API token.

Google Chrome plugins for blogger outreach

Blogger outreach is one of the most effective ways to earn contextual backlinks. However, it is not simple. Even if you’ve found the bloggers and influencers you’d like to contact in your niche, you may not have their email addresses to begin your outreach. 

Below are some of the best blogger outreach extensions.

Hunter Chrome extension

One way of reaching out to a web admin of any website you need is by using the contact form. But this is a hectic task, especially if it’s a big website. Scrolling through thousands of pages doesn’t help.

Hunter is the chrome extension that makes your work easier. It’s a chrome extension that finds all the email addresses associated with any website you visit. You can acquire names, job titles, social media handles, and phone numbers, in addition to email addresses.

Hunter’s free plan gives you 50 credits per month for free.

Find that lead

FindThatLead chrome extension saves you time when doing blogger outreach by locating the correct email on any website. It also checks on LinkedIn profiles. FindThatLead also verifies that the email is correct. It’s a must-have tool for SEO professionals looking to build strong relationships by sending outreach tools. 

To get started, FindThatLead provides you with 50 free credits every month. You can get more leads by subscribing to their paid plan.

Ninja outreach

Another popular chrome extension for blogger outreach and prospecting. You can use it to extract useful data from any website. Domain authority, page authority, Alexa rank, email addresses, social media follower count, and full names of webmasters are among the valuable data.  It also gives your web browser tremendous prospecting and outreach features.

The ninja outreach extension also displays connections to important sections on a website, such as a contact page, about us page, resources section, reviews, infographics, and email outreach templates that you can use directly from the extension.

URLs, Backlinks, and Link management chrome extensions


Getting recommendations on various aspects of your website can be expensive. It’s also time-consuming. 

The lighthouse chrome extension saves you money and time. It scans your URLs and makes recommendations on improving the performance, accessibility, and SEO for your web pages on both mobile and desktop.


 One of the hottest debates on SEO is whether no-follow links contribute to SEO metrics. Some argue that they don’t contribute yet have too many no-follow links on their websites.

The Nofollow Chrome extension allows you to examine a list of web pages with a no-follow meta tag. Using the Google disavow tool, you can use this Chrome plugin to identify nofollow backlinks on your websites and disavow them. 

Also, the Nofollow extension checks to ensure that pages you don’t want to be indexed, such as landing pages, are coded appropriately. Furthermore, it also highlights any broken links.

Link grabber

Link grabber chrome extension extracts links from a webpage and shows them in a new tab. You can also block links from a list of websites automatically. These links are clickable, and you may copy and paste them into a spreadsheet.

Redirect path

URL redirects are an essential SEO component. The redirect path chrome extension will show you all the redirects. It also highlights HTTP status codes and client-side redirects like meta and javascript redirects, highlighting potential issues that could otherwise arise.

At the touch of a button, the tool also displays other HTTP Headers and the server IP Address.

Check my links

Check my links is much similar to the redirect path chrome extension. It provides you with more link data. This means you can spend more time studying your competition or doing technical SEO.

However, internal links matter too. You can use check my links to analyze the internal links on a page. It also gives you an estimate of the number of internal links you need.


Link building is essential to drive traffic to a website. An efficient way to build links to a website is using the broken link technique. However, it’s time demanding and can be tedious without the right tools.

The Linkminer chrome extension assists you in reducing the amount of time spent on building links. LinkMiner looks for broken links on websites and collects data on them.LinkMiner addon can also tell you how many total or external links are on the page you’re looking at.

 It displays backlink information and social data for any link on a page and allows you to export those links to a CSV file.

Screaming frog

The SEO Spider chrome extension from Screaming Frog allows you to crawl website URLs and add important parts to analyze SEO and fix found errors, simplifying a time-consuming procedure. Finding broken links, locating duplicate pages, and site visualizations are just a few of the features.

After creating content, promoting and sharing it on different platforms is important. Usually, the link is very long and needs to be shortened to make it appealing. There are so many link shorteners, and is among the best.

The chrome addon allows you to easily shorten URLs and measure statistics such as the number of clicks a link has received.

When you click on this extension icon, it will generate a shortened URL to use, which you may share immediately from the popup window.

Chrome extensions for on-page SEO and off-page SEO

Seo Minion

On-page SEO is an important Google ranking factor. Optimizing your web pages can’t be underestimated. With the SEO minion chrome extension, you’ll analyze on-page SEO, check broken links and redirections, preview SERPs, and more.

Furthermore, you may use the tool to examine your website’s Google rankings in numerous locations (similar to SEO search simulator) without having to personalize it.

Seo Meta in 1 Click

Another amazing SEO extension to use to optimize your content for search engines. SEO meta in 1 click displays all meta tags and important SEO information for any webpage. It uses factors such as length of titles and descriptions, URL, sequence of header presentation, and quantity of images without alt text.

Spark Content Optimizer 

Some popular advice on content optimization includes having your target keyword on URL, H1, H2, and in image alt tags. However, this is not enough for your content to rank high on the search engine results page.

Your content should be user-friendly and optimized for search engines. Spark content optimizer is a chrome extension that assesses your content to see how thorough it is and how effectively it responds to relevant internet search queries.

Mangools SEO Extension

Mangools is one of the do-it-all SEO chrome extensions. It can carry do;

  • Backlink analysis
  • Rank tracking 
  • Check authority and provide trend metrics
  • Provide on-page SEO statistics

You’ll essentially get the most important data from their popular SEO tools bundle right in your browser, with the flexibility to use the tools at any moment for a more in-depth examination.

The extension contains sophisticated context menu integrations and additional capabilities such as localized results and shortcuts to evaluate backlinks and the URL profile available immediately in Google SERP.

Google page insights

The page loading speed has an impact on both the rankings and conversions. According to Google, mobile devices account for most of the searches. This means your page load time is more important than ever.

As a result, Google has developed the google page insights extension to help webmasters optimize web pages for speed. The chrome extension also provides recommendations on what you need to do.

Google page analytics

As an SEO guru, you need to know how visitors interact with your website. You need to know what to optimize to increase conversions and click-through rates. The google page analytics chrome extension is the plugin you need.

The application provides real-time information such as where your users click and the number of active visitors to your website. If you rely on Google Analytics for traffic statistics, this is a must-have addon.

Analytics UTM builder

Analytics UTM Builder is a useful Google Analytics add-on for quickly tagging the URLs you want to track in your campaigns.

Click the UTM Builder icon, which resembles a shopping basket, to utilize this plugin. The program will automatically capture the current URL of the page to increase. After that, you’ll need to fill out a form with information like the source, medium, and campaign.

The tool will autogenerate the final URL once you’ve completed the form. You may then post this newly labeled link on social media and track it separately using Google Analytics.

Amp validator

As seen, mobile devices are the most used search device. Optimizing your content for mobile is important. You can use the AMP validator SEO chrome extension to examine your website for accelerated mobile pages. If the page passes or fails, it will display a pass/fail icon.


Buzzstream is built for marketers. It enables you to plan and execute specific marketing plans for your business. The Buzzmarker chrome Addon helps with pitching influencers, content promotion, and link building.

Chrome extensions for keyword research

Google trends

Creating popular content is useful. One good way to find popular content is using google trends.

This extension provides data in graphs on the most popular Google searches from various google locations. It can help you in determining your website’s SEO performance.


Most free tools disappoint. However, ubersuggest SEO chrome extension doesn’t. It displays essential keyword data from google, youtube, and amazon search results.

Additionally, this extension gives backlink statistics, social share counts, domain analytics, and more to help you streamline your SEO operations directly in your browser.

Keywords everywhere

Another amazing tool that simplifies keyword research. Because this extension is an in-browser extension, switching back and forth from Google Keywords to your active browser page is no longer necessary.

The keywords everywhere chrome extension displays the three essential keyword data: cost per click, search volume, and Google AdWords competition. However, to get this data, you’ll have to pay. For $10, you’ll get 10000 credits.  Each credit is equivalent to one keyword.

Keyword surfer

Unlike other keyword research extensions such as Ubersuggest, keyword surfer provides everything you need right on your google browser. It provides you with keywords and backlink analytics for any webpage.

You may get information from Google’s interface using Keyword Surfer. When you search for anything, you will see both the global and regional search volumes.

Seostack keyword tool

For a new website, targeting longtail keywords is the easiest way to rank. The SEOStack keyword tool helps you in finding long-tail keywords.

This free chrome addon produces a number of keyword suggestions from various search engines such as yahoo, youtube, Bing, Google, and others. You can also export the keyword data as a CSV file.


You have found your target keyword, have created optimized content, and published it, now what? Next is knowing the position of your target keyword on SERPs. 

You can create a project on paid tools such as ubersuggest to track your keyword or install the Fatrank chrome extension.

To use the rank checker, go to your site and click the Fatrank extension. Type in the keyword, and it will give you the exact position if you’re in the top 100. If not, fatrank will let you know.

Must have SEO chrome extensions

  • SEOquake-  quickly access SEO data for any website
  • Growth bar-  analyze competitors growth strategy
  • Buzzsumo- find popular content ideas
  • Mozbar- for fast website information on SERPS
  • Ninja outreach- for blogger outreach and prospecting
  • Findthatlead- for blogger outreach on LinkedIn
  • Screaming frog- quickly index your site
  • Google trends- find trending topics to write on
  • Analytics UTM builder- track website visitors
  • Keywords everywhere- find keywords to target faster
  • Keyword surfer- get SEO metrics on the browser

SEO Chrome extensions and rankings

Any of these SEO Google Chrome extensions can assist you in moving forward with the job you need to complete.

If you’re trying to manage your content and find out what is the most useful when developing your website, you should look into how these might work.

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