is bluehost domain name privacy worth it?

Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It?

One of the essential things you ought to care about when buying a new domain is domain privacy protection. 

Since this is how you can safeguard your contact details from spammers if you start a blog on Bluehost, should you opt for the Bluehost domain name privacy protection? Is it worth it, or can I find free alternatives?

When purchasing a domain name or choosing a Bluehost hosting package, one of the add-ons you’ll need to check is domain privacy protection. 

Before going further with whether Bluehost domain privacy is worth it, let’s first understand what domain privacy is.

What is domain privacy?

Domain registrars offer privacy protection to keep your personal information in Whois records safe from prying eyes. Investing in this service will ensure that your personal information is kept private and protected from identity theft by keeping it concealed from public view.

Is domain privacy protection necessary?

Is domain privacy worth it?

You and others might wonder? What am I going to get? What makes you think I should acquire it?

To begin with, if you don’t want your personal information, such as your address and phone number, to be exposed to the public, you should purchase domain privacy protection.

When information about your company is available on the internet, it is always at risk. It can become a problem for you if it slips into the wrong hands, for example, domain hacking.

If you don’t use domain privacy protection to disguise your data, various things can go wrong. That is why you must know what can occur to comprehend what will happen if you don’t have domain name privacy. 

Advantages of having domain privacy protection

  • Anyone has access to your personal information.
  • You may be flooded with unsolicited sales calls or even be defrauded.
  • Hackers can gain access to your website and other internet assets.
  • Your personal information may be sold.
  • You will receive many spam emails.
  • Your competitors will have a lot of information about you.
  • It is impossible to register a domain without supplying accurate information.

What is the Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection?

Domain name protection, also known as who is the guard, is a service that secures your personal info from being visible to the public.

is bluehost domain protection privacy worth it?

This information includes your telephone number, email address, and details when registering any domain with a registrar.

Domain name privacy protection is a service by Bluehost to protect your personal information from being accessed by anyone. All domain name registrars offer it in the world.

When purchasing a domain from web hosting companies, you need to provide contact information for invoicing purposes. If ‌you don’t opt for domain privacy protection, all the information provided will be available to anyone interested. 

Thus, anyone can access all your personal data from the Whois database.

Therefore, not having domain name privacy can lead to unwanted emails and offers from online markets and spammers.

To safeguard all your details, you’ve to opt for domain privacy protection from Bluehost or your domain name registrar. 

Is Bluehost domain privacy protection worth it?

Absolutely YES!

Bluehost domain name privacy protection is worth it because when you choose a domain name privacy protection, you save yourself from all we have listed above—unsolicited emails, calls, SMS, spammers, or even having your online businesses hacked.

Additionally, having the Bluehost domain privacy protection guarantees that your personal information isn’t available to the public. Thus, for this reason, choosing the Bluehost domain privacy protection is worth it!

You should know why you need to have domain privacy on any online estate you own.

How much does Bluehost Domain Privacy Cost?

Bluehost domain privacy protection costs $0.99 a month.

That’s approximately $12 a year.

However, it’s optional.

Bluehost is one of the largest hosting companies in the world, and if you want free domain privacy and free domain registration, then choose the higher-priced Bluehost hosting plans.

The Bluehost choice plus or pro plan is the best. 

However, if you currently have web hosting and want to buy more domains, you have cheaper options available.

There are domain registrars that cost you less than what Bluehost charges for domain privacy protection. Some will provide it for free as long as you host your site with them. It’s great to save money.

Where can I get domain privacy protection for free?


Another amazing domain registrar.

Buying any domain name from them is always a good idea since you’ll get it at affordable prices and free domain privacy protection.


This web hosting provider offers you a free domain name and free domain privacy protection if you purchase any kind of unlimited web hosting plan from them.


Godaddy is one of the best domain registrars in the world. Each domain purchased comes with free domain privacy.

Should I Buy the Bluehost Domain Privacy protection package?  

While WordPress has recommended Bluehost as dependable, safe WordPress hosting, buying the Bluehost domain privacy is another different field.

WordPress also recommends other hosts that you might need to check out. 

One place you should aim to buy domain privacy protection from is Namecheap. If you purchase a domain name from Namecheap, you’ll be guaranteed free domain name privacy.

Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection

Getting domain privacy protection is well worth it even for a free name if you choose a web hosting package from Bluehost.

However, I recommend you use Namecheap for other domains to receive free domain privacy. You’ll be able to point your domain to your Bluehost account afterwards.

So, hopefully, your concerns concerning domain privacy have been dispelled. Now go to the next step and order Bluehost web hosting with this discount link to save some money.

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