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How do I Buy a Lifetime Domain Name?

The stresses of managing an online business can be stressful. 

It even worse if you have a website, are a small entrepreneur, and have to note all renewal dates. Missing one deadline means a penalty. 

Missing the renewal date of your domain name means your efforts will go up in smoke. All the link-building efforts. All the trust you build, all the clients you’ve been in touch with through an email with your domain name.

Domain names are normally registered for 1-2 years. We must renew them before the registration date to gain any access. Failure to do so, you’ll have to start all over again. 

So can you register a domain name forever?

A lifetime domain name saves you valuable time that would have been used by renewing it. So, yes, you can register for a lifetime. But it’s probably not how you’d expect it. 

There are three ways to get a domain name, or at least close to it, for your entire life.

Let’s consider the possibility of registering a domain for the duration of your life, or let’s put it in this manner. This domain will let you forget the stress of renewing it at the right time.

How to buy a lifetime domain name

Get a free domain name.

Several web hosting providers provide a free domain name for a lifetime. For instance, free web hosting providers such as Accu web hosting provide free domain names with their free hosting services. 

However, such domain names have their own issues. First, they’re not brandable, and it remains yours as long as you continue using their services.

In the past, GreenGeeks used to offer a free top-level domain for life. However, all this changed in 2016. Here is the information regarding the cancellation of the offer.

This is a good thing for those planning to put their money where their mouth is, keep everything in the same basket and put their trust in the service provider 100.

Benefit from domain auto-renewal

Domain auto-renewal allows you to set it and forget it. It’s like having a domain for life and enables you to avoid renewal issues.

Most service providers provide automatic renewal as part of their payment methods, and you can enable it through their website.

You can input your credit card details in the payment method and then set the auto-renewal option. Many hosting providers send notification emails about your domain renewal. But if you are not much into Emails and miss them, the occasional auto-renewal is your safest bet.

However, you’ve to note your credit card. Sometimes it’ll expire before the renewal date. Hence you should update your details as soon as they change.

Buy Domains with a 10-year time frame

Another method of having a domain name for a lifetime is to buy it for 10 years.

While 10 years isn’t much compared to lifetime domain name ownership, it’s worth it. ICANN allows one to purchase a domain name for 10 years.

Therefore, if auto-renewals aren’t your realm of expertise, then you can get a domain registered for 10 years. Keep the records of any emails sent by your hosting company regarding the renewal.

You could also enable auto-renewal on the domain name for 10 years and get a domain name almost for the rest of the time.

Registering a domain name forever is not possible. However, the above methods make it simple to have a domain name forever. 

So, have you registered your preferred domain name already? Check out Namecheap and use any method to have your domain for life.

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