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How to Choose Web Hosting Company in Kenya

How to Choose Web Hosting Company in Kenya

We recognize that selecting the best web hosting provider in Kenya is critical to the success of your company’s website.

When looking for a dependable web hosting service provider in the past, most customers concentrated on two factors: bandwidth (transmission capacity) and web storage space, often known as disk space.

There are numerous more factors that influence the overall web hosting costs.

As we will see, there are more aspects to consider nowadays.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Company in Kenya


 Before doing anything else, most people gather some information about the cost of a product or service.

In our experience, choosing the cheapest option available isn’t always the best option. Many people believe that they receive what they pay for.

This is why we believe you should think about the price when choosing a web hosting provider in Kenya.

Do you want to know how much web hosting costs? In Kenya, domain hosting costs on average Ksh 2,000 per year and is renewable.

Furthermore, you must be aware of the payment schedule. Some hosting plans are renewed on a monthly basis, while others are only renewed once a year.

In Kenya, the annual renewal option is the most popular. This helps you to keep your website up and operating all year without having to worry about payment interruptions.

However, because each website is unique in its own manner, pricing should never be the deciding factor.

According to your requirements, you should examine value for money. check out some of the cheapest web hosting providers in Kenya

Control Panel/User Interface

 As part of the hosting package, most web hosting companies provide you with access to a control dashboard, such as the cPanel.

This is where the website’s files are stored on the back end. It needs to be simple to use and interactive.

This is so you can make major site design adjustments without having to call their support line.

Even those with the least technical skills can navigate the cPanel.

They can create new personal email accounts, move data, and even install webserver apps such as WordPress, a popular online website builder.


 For many clients, a site that takes a long time to load on any browser is a mood killer.

According to statistics, the typical webpage loads in under 7 seconds.

To avoid losing key traffic, it is highly advised that your website load as quickly as possible.

This web page’s speed is largely determined by the server bandwidth speed.

In simple terms, server bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred to or from a website in a certain amount of time.

The speed with which your website loads is determined by the web hosting service you choose and the bundle you purchase.

Searching for online feedback and reviews about the hosting company is a simple way to choose a reputable hosting company.

You’ll be able to see what other customers have to say about them this way. You should go for one that has a lot of positive feedback and reviews.

Support & Customer Service

You should choose a web hosting provider that you can contact for live technical assistance fast.

Avoid service providers who rely on email or support tickets to provide you with assistance.

Any specialized concerns you may have may take hours or even days to understand.

Choose a service with whom you can communicate easily over the phone or through popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

It’s critical to have a quick reaction time while dealing with email server difficulties and email client configuration.

Imagine being unable to send or receive business emails for hours due to server unavailability.

When it comes to domain registration and hosting, look for companies who provide live chat support on their website or successfully provide assistance through social media.

The technical team should be able to assist with any file transfers and backups that are required.

Server Reliability (Uptime and Security)

 It is critical for both you and your website users to have your site and other information on the server available at all times.

If you host your site with a company that experiences network outages or has aging servers, your site may get disconnected from time to time.

Server uptime, performance, and security are all key factors to consider, especially if you’re looking for email hosting services.

Furthermore, you’ll need to host your website and data on reliable and secure servers.

Ensure that your hosting company can supply you with secure site certificates, whether you pick managed hosting or dedicated servers (SSL).

Proactive defense elements should be included as part of security to aid in malware identification.

This is critical in order to safeguard your website’s reputation and user data.

Extra features and offers

The majority of web hosting businesses provide additional services to supplement the hosting service.

You should think about and compare the provider’s numerous supplementary features.

Check to see if the plan includes a domain-based email account and how many you can have.

A site builder should be supplied to assist you in setting up your website even if you have limited technical web design knowledge.

Instead of having to register a domain individually, you usually get one for free.

Given that you are almost always needed to possess your own unique domain in order to host with the provider, this is a major benefit.

A benefit like this goes a long way and saves you money.

The SEO toolbox is another popular add-on.

This gives you the essential tools you’ll need to start optimizing your website for search engines (SEO).

This is crucial for increasing your brand’s online visibility.

Most options additionally include a free SSL certificate.

You should upgrade to the commercial certificate for added security.

For high-traffic sites and e-commerce companies that process financial transactions, this is crucial.

Finally, while choosing a hosting company, it is critical to conduct thorough research.

This ensures that your users have constant access to your website and email, which leads to increased customer satisfaction and business success.

Choose wisely, as they say.

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