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How to Check History and Ownership of Domain Names Without Paying.

You’ve decided to start an online business. Come up with a domain name and are planning to use it to start your blog or website.

Everything is working according to plan. What’s left is to register a domain name with your favourite domain name registrar. 

The web leaves easy-to-trace footprints. You’ve to be careful of the domain name you choose as it could have its own history. You might inherit harmful code or sensitive information from different past owners.

The past is an enormous factor in the internet’s world. So what do you know about the history of the domain name you’re hoping to choose? Before you get on the colourful boat of your new domain name, ensure you are aware of what you’re buying so that you aren’t shocked when you buy it.

Best tools to check for the history and ownership of domain names

Just like how the internet makes it easy to find and register your domain, it also makes it easy to know its history. This enables you to make the right decision when buying. Here are some of the best tools to check for domain name history.

Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a service that archives all information found on the internet. Wayback Machine is also available as browser extensions or addons for chrome and Mozilla.

check the history and ownership of domain names wayback machine

It allows users to check for the history of any domain. 

Its possibilities are endless. Using the Wayback Machine, you can know when a website first went live. It reveals the date and specific time. It’s basically an online cookie storage service but a fantastic way to look back at a website’s past.

It has an extensive internet library of over 700 billion pages. It’s absolutely free to use. 


HosterStats is a different online tool to look up DNS details for any domain name you’d like. HosterStats is searchable and free for domain DNS databases.

check the history and owneship of domain names hosterstats

Apart from that, HosterStats also tracks domain statistics of over 5 million hosting providers using their name servers. This coverage of historical hosting providers and domain tracking stats dates back to 2000. 

Using HosterStats, you can easily track your DNS data and knowledge about the ownership of your domain.


Who.is is another online tool to check the background of any domain name. It’s free to use. You can monitor various details about an IP address or domain name.

check the history and owneship of domain names who.is

Using who.is, you can easily check domain name details, ownership, and other data. It provides you with comprehensive data about any domain name. 

It’s also a great tool to help find new top-level domains and register them as quickly as possible.

Domain Tools

The domain tool is ideal if you have the cash to spend on checking for the domain name history and ownership. Its premium service costs $49.95 a month.

Domain tools provide various high-impact data and a comprehensive domain history record. It allows users to keep track of the changes in ownership of domains, the records of the last ownership, and even the entire trial of the domain ownership.

Norton Safe Web

Norton security has a tool to secure your online experience. Using the Norton Safe Web, they ensure a secure web.

Norton’s safe web tool monitors websites for harmful code and other malware. You can check your domain name to determine whether it’s safe or listed as a malware-free site.

Norton safe web is the most reliable tool to ensure your domain is safe before buying. Malware and other harmful code on websites can undermine a site’s credibility and make it difficult to restore a lost reputation on the internet. 

Therefore, before purchasing a new domain, ensure that the domain is safe and free of harm that is not needed. The above tools are great for checking the history and ownership of a domain name. You may use these ways to look up a domain’s history and other important information that might help you decide whether to buy a certain domain.

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